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Do Not Come To Work If You Are Sick

Cold and flu season is fast approaching. Following in its wake will be a familiar cast of characters: media scaremongers, pushers of ineffectual vaccines and the sick co-worker who refuses to take time off. The latter is the hardest to ignore. Today Online examined a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research and learned "cities that adopted paid sick-leave mandates...saw flu cases drop by about 5 per cent after their laws took effect." Removing the financial incentive to attend work while sick reduced the spread of disease.

Relying on your others to reduce your exposure to the flu is an approach as fraught with peril as relying on a fraudulent vaccine. Fortunately, your body is equipped with its own highly effective defense system – your immune system – that starts killing viruses almost as quickly as they are produced. Chronic stress is a recipe for disease and infection. A good way to give your immune system a fighting chance is to reduce stress and avoid toxic elements such as refined sugars, grains and processed foods.
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