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Why Does My Exercise Clothing Smell?

If you've ever wondered why some workout clothes smell worse than others, this may offer some insight. As reported by BBC News, "Natural fibres like cotton absorb moisture, including the smelly compounds produced by bacteria, which get trapped inside the fibres where they can't reach our noses. Synthetic fibres on the other hand, do not absorb moisture. Instead they attract oils. This means that they hang on to the "oily soils" from our sweat which sit on the surface of the fibres, waiting to be guzzled by whatever odour-producing bacteria happen to come along."

IS YOUR T-SHIRT TOXIC? After a workout, odor-causing bacteria collect in polyester shirts far more so than in cotton shirts according to new research. Synthetic clothing may contain triclosan which can impair muscle function and skeletal muscle contractility. Discover natural tips and tricks to reduce body odor and choose the perfect clothing for your workout routine.
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