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FDA Halts Excessive Use Of Antibacterial Soaps

Washing your hands is at the top of the list when it comes to effective contagious disease prevention, but many still make the mistake of assuming you have to use antibacterial soap to get the job done right. Not only does antibacterial soap promote the development of drug-resistant bacteria, but antibacterial compounds such as triclosan have also been linked to a number or harmful health effects, especially in young children. In a move that some will find surprising, the FDA has made an intelligent decision and are banning the sale 19 different antibacterial chemicals, as reported by Forbes.

ALL WASHED UP: This decision by the FDA should help you greatly to avoid antibacterial soaps and compounds. If you're feeling nervous about no longer having antibacterial soap, you can rest easy because previous research has found no significant difference between plain soap and antibacterial soap.
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