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Children Born By C-Section Have Higher Risk of Obesity Later In Life

Obesity is one of several health indications that increase the likelihood of cesarean delivery. An alarming new Harvard study confirmed that C-sections might be the first step on the road to obesity for the child as well. Research Gate interviewed study co-author Audrey Gaskins. Her findings confirmed that "initial difference in mode of delivery leads to changes in the type of bacteria living in children’s guts. Moreover, the pattern of gut bacteria that children born by C-section tend to have has been previously linked to greater risk of obesity later in life."

Children are under assault before their lives have begun, starting in the womb and continuing through birth and the formative years. The health and potential of their developing bodies and minds are undermined by their mothers' diets, standard childbirth practices, and poor nutrition. The result of these manifest failings is the obesity epidemic and a general decline in health. The cesarean section is an ineptly applied healthcare intervention. It has far-reaching and terrible consequences that begin at the moment of delivery.
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