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Calorie Burn Shortfall During Puberty Could Explain Rise In Obesity

The International Journal of Diabetes has unearthed compelling information that may explain the dramatic increase in adolescent obesity. As reported by the BBC, "researchers from the University of Exeter Medical School were surprised to find the number of calories the children burned at rest fell sharply during puberty." When coupled with a decrease in time spent exercising, especially among girls, the inevitable result is weight gain.

The childhood obesity epidemic is an excellent example of multiple causation. A perfect storm of environmental toxins, lack of exercise and a diet heavy in junk food has ravaged the health of today's youth. Over 17 percent of American children between the ages of 2 and 19 are obese. In such poor physical condition, rather than confronting a future bright with possibilities they instead face a shortened lifespan darkened by disease and serious health problems.
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