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Children Are Still Guzzling Nearly THREE Times Their Daily Sugar Limit Despite Warnings Over Fizzy Drinks

Children consume too much sugar and are destroying their health in the process. The future health of today's youth appears grim according to a recent study covered by the Daily Mail. The wide availability of sugary beverages and processed foods has led to a situation where "those aged 11 to 18 have daily diet made up of 15 per cent sugar." This percentage is 3 fold higher than the already liberal daily recommended sugar allotment.

The obesity epidemic is causing rampant health problems. It has also proven nearly intractable due to the predatory marketing practices of processed food manufacturers that target children and a growing preference for sedentary activities. This may be the first generation of American children who will have shorter and less healthy lives than their parents. Without access to accurate nutritional information obesity can end up being a life sentence.
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