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Children Need Three Hours of Exercise a Day - Finland

The Finnish government has increased the amount of physical activity needed for children from 2 hours to 3. According to BBC News, "Finland is one of the first countries to put forward recommendations for incorporating more physical fitness into children's lives, which will use classrooms to connect physical exercise with traditional learning."

A PHENOMENAL WAY TO KEEP YOUR CHILDREN HEALTHY! It is imperative that you limit your child's TV, computer and video game time, and replace them with a regular exercise program. Overweight and obese children will need at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, and may benefit from closer to 60 minutes. Even if your child is not overweight, you should encourage him or her to take part in physically engaging activities after school and on the weekends. There are plenty to choose from, from sports and dance classes to gymnastics, bike riding and playing tag with friends. Allow your child to choose activities that appeal to them, and which are age appropriate.
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