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How to Stop Your Food Cravings

A new study covered in the New York Times looked at why people become hungry after exerting themselves mentally, and also what effect exercise may be able to have on those cravings. Their findings found that a brief but intense workout can actually make you eat less. In the study their exercise consisted of "15 minutes doing intervals on a treadmill: two minutes of hard running followed by about one minute of walking, repeated five times."

KISS CRAVINGS GOODBYE: Learning why you have cravings is an important step to overcoming them. Processed food manufacturers go to great lengths to find the perfect blend of salt, sugar, fat, and additional flavorings to excite your brain’s reward center, thereby assuring you’ll be back for more. One of the most effective strategies to eliminate sugar cravings is intermittent fasting, along with diet modifications that effectively help reset your body’s metabolism to burn fat instead of sugar as its primary fuel. Additionally, there are many other natural ways you can eliminate your junk food cravings for good.