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Thick Layers of Butter-Coloured Fat, A Liver Like Pate, And a Huge Baggy Heart: Autopsy Reveals What's Inside The Body of an Obese Person

The BBC will be releasing an eye-opening documentary that will show just how badly obesity affects the body. According to Daily Mail (Warning, graphic images) "Standing at five-foot and five inches tall she was 17 stone (238 lbs) and was morbidly obese. Pathologist, Giles Yeo, noted that although some fat is healthy for the body when the 'extra fat looks for somewhere else to go and that is where the damage is caused.' 'The amount of fat you can see tells you how likely the fat is to be doing damage elsewhere.'"

OBESITY ON THE RISE - TAKE ACTION NOW! There's compelling evidence suggesting that when you eat morning, noon, and night, you increase your risk for both obesity and diabetes. Learn how to eat yourself thin by focusing your diet on REAL FOOD rather than processed junk. Looking for more tips to help melt away excess fat? Make sure to check out these tips and tricks to help you take control of your weight.
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