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The Science of Laughter

Everybody laughs at least some times, although many people may not understand why. A new article from BBC News attempted to unravel the mystery. The article says laughter is an older emotion and has been viewed across many different mammals. The final conclusion was that, "Maybe laughter has evolved to be an important signifier of play - a sign that we're having fun, no-one is going to get hurt and this is all a game."

NON-TOXIC CLEANING: Understanding why we laugh is fun, but what is just as interesting is that your attitude and emotions can actually have a large impact on your health. Previous research has found that your mindset as you age can actually help you to live longer, provided it’s a positive one. Older individuals who reported positive self-perceptions of aging during middle age lived 7.5 years longer than those with less positive self-perceptions of aging.
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