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7 Children Hospitalized After Baby Tooth Root Canal, Hundreds More May Be Affected

The root canal is a dangerous and unnecessary procedure. Therefore, it is especially shocking to learn that children are being hospitalized after being subjected to this intrusive surgery. The OC Register reported about a mass outbreak of oral cellulitis, "a bacterial infection of the mouth that can spread to the gum and bone", that can be traced to a single dental practice in California. An astonishing 500 additional children may have been exposed and "asked to return for a follow-up visit that will include an exam by a dentist, X-rays and questions about fever, swelling and pain."

The response to this outbreak is as disturbing as the events that set this debacle in motion. Children subjected to an unnecessary dental procedure were first exposed to pathogenic bacteria due to inadequate sanitation measures. In order to identify those infected during the potentially cancer promoting root canal procedure, the irresponsible allopathic dentists in question are now planning to blast these vulnerable children with x-ray radiation. The health of those infected will continue to be assailed with an intravenous antibiotic regimen. The widespread adoption of holistic dentistry would reduce the dangers associated with root canals, mercury and fluoride.
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