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The Health Condition That Concerns Americans Most

The results are in. American's are most afraid of cancer. A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic came to this determination after surveying 1,008 adults nationwide. CNN delved into the specific fears of those polled, "a majority of the respondents -- 37% -- believed cancer to be the No. 1 most significant health care challenge in the country, followed by obesity as No. 2." The failure to connect obesity and cancer is this articles most glaring omission.

What CNN also failed to examine was how the media fans the flames of fear, the significant controversies surrounding allopathic cancer treatment and the underlying causes of the cancer epidemic. Conventional medicine has little to offer outside the standard “cut, poison, burn” approach, new evidence suggests nutritional ketosis could both treat and prevent most cancers. Medical misinformation from the mainstream media drives people into the arms of a profit driven cancer industrial complex. Alternative medical information must receive greater coverage or cancer will continue to terrify and kill a large percentage of the population.
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