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Why Fidgeting Is Good Medicine

Fidgeters can now be confident that their fidgeting is actually improving their health. The New York Times says that, "Studies of movement patterns indicate that most of us spend between eight and 10 hours each day seated. During that time, our bodies and, in particular, our legs barely move. We can combat that situation easily by standing up and moving, causing leg muscles to contract and blood flow to remain steady."

GO AHEAD AND FIDGET YOURSELF TO IMPROVED HEALTH! Fidgeting may help to counteract some of the ill effects of excessive sitting. Among women who reported sitting for seven hours or more a day and hardly fidgeting, the risk of all-cause mortality increased by 30 percent. Women who sat for five to six hours a day and reported fidgeting often had a decreased risk of mortality. Not a fidgeter? Check out these 10 deskercises you can do at work to improve your overall health!
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