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Lice No Longer Stopped by Common Drugstore Remedies

Some over-the-counter remedies for lice are no long effective. As Scientific American reports, "Two non-prescription options in - permethrin (Nix) and synergized pyrethrins (Rid) - can no longer keep lice away." Research from as far back as 2014 has already shown as many as 99.6% of lice in the US and Canada have gene mutations that make them resistant to common over-the-counter shampoos.

BE LICE FREE: Common lice shampoos often contain the toxic pesticide permethrin, which should not be placed anywhere near a child’s scalp due to the health risks alone. But now it appears the chemicals will no longer be very effective either. Luckily, you don't need drugs to get rid of head lice. There are many natural treatments you can use that are both safe and effective.
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