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Diabetes: The Rice You Eat is Worse than Sugary Drinks

Rice, in one form or another, is one of the most important staple foods in the world and has been for possibly thousands of years. If you are trying to keep from developing diabetes, you may want to take a close look at the rice you are eating. A new meta-analysis reported on in the Straits Times found that, "each plate of white rice eaten in a day - on a regular basis - raises the risk of diabetes by 11 per cent in the overall population."

THE BEST RICE: You may have heard brown rice is better for you than the white version. Technically, that's true, but how it's grown should also be taken into consideration, because it's extremely important to keep abreast of new information and to know the path foods have taken on the way to your table. Due to the health benefits provided by rice, it may not make sense for everyone to eliminate it from their diets entirely. A recommendation, however, would be to reach for organic varieties as often as possible, and to choose brown or wild rice, instead of white.