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How I Ate Unprocessed Food For A Year On A Budget

The myth that you cannot eat healthy on a budget is a pervasive and damaging myth. There is a worldwide obesity crisis in part because this misconception clouds the judgment of consumers. Food giants deceptively market their processed foods as cheap and convenient while much of the population is under the mistaken impression that healthful eating is simply out of reach financially. It is time to debunk this falsehood once and for all.

Today Food faced this issue head on with a recent feature on how to enjoy a healthy diet while on a budget. The author began her quest in 2012 and has avoided processed ever since. She had several suggestions to make it easier to keep food costs down, "buying food in bulk is often cheaper—and it creates less packaging waste. To save money and time, prepare food in bulk." Another tip was that "seasonal produce will be always be cheaper than out-of-season."

There are hidden costs in processed food. When making food choices your options are to pay the farmer now or pay the doctor later. Junk food may save time initially but will take a terrible toll on your health. Eating unprocessed food is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. There are life-saving resources available to help transition away from mass produced synthetic garbage.
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