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Blue Bell Issues Voluntary Ice Cream Recall

Anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle should steer clear of store bought ice cream. It is a nutritionally bankrupt junk food teeming with sugar. The recognizable ingredients are often sourced from CAFOS and many brands are chock full of unpronounceable chemicals. If the damaging nutritional profile alone isn't enough to repulse the prospective consumer, in recent years ice cream has made headlines as a conduit of food borne pathogens.

The threat of another multistate listeria epidemic is again being traced to Blue Bell Creamery. As reported by NBC, "Blue Bell Creamery has issued a voluntary recall on some of its ice cream products...due to the potential for it to contain Listeria monocytogenes." The Alabama creamery was responsible for a listeria outbreak in the spring of 2015 that was responsible for 3 deaths. Usually the damage inflicted by ice cream is limited to obesity related illness and the environmental damage inherent in 'natural' ingredients that are not sourced from sustainable sources.

Blue Bell Ice Cream is pasteurized but CAFO dairy is not vilified in the same manner that raw milk is. Mass-produced ice cream is nearly incompatible with a healthy diet but the weaknesses of the dairy pasteurization process can impact even those who are mindful of what they put in their bodies. There are myriad reasons to avoid ice cream. That it may serve as the occasional disease vector may be less important than the negative impact it can have on your health and what it says about the FDA's incoherent stance on raw milk.
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