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What the Bayer-Monsanto Merger Means to the Future of Agriculture

In the wake of the announcement that Bayer intends to buy-out Monsanto to create the largest genetically-engineered (GE) seed and pesticide company in the world, Alternet reports that a firestorm of controversy has erupted over the plan.

Naturally, pro-GE forces claim the deal will help the world feed the world. But others, who have been on the ground since the start with this negative way of growing food, are calling it a “marriage made in hell.” Even former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has gone on the record saying this is “a threat to all Americans” and needs to be blocked.

The sheer size of this merger is frightening because of the power they could wield. Additionally, this comes not long after DuPont and Syngenta announced they would also be merging. It’s sickening that these companies all enjoy government-subsidized tax breaks. But it’s worse that they now are in reach of totally controlling the world’s foods.

In truth, GE foods have no real health advantages and many disadvantages that can damage you, your health and the environment. Why eat them, then? Fight back against monopolies like this by shopping at local farms and farmers markets, buying products marked either “USDA 100 percent Organic,” “100 percent Grass-Fed” or “Non-GMO Verified,” and by encouraging good companies to be transparent and clear with their food labeling, and to reject the new “QR” codes being pushed in place of real food labeling.
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