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Polluted Air Affects 92% Of Global Population, Says WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) is reporting that 9 out of 10 people on the planet breathe polluted air, and about 3 million deaths every year are linked to outdoor air pollution, according to BBC News.

Because your life depends on the air you breathe, this adds to the growing consternation about air pollution and its link to diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease and strokes. We already know that indoor air pollution can be between two and five times higher inside than it is outside, so knowing what we’re breathing and how to get cleaner air is vital.

The majority of air pollution is made of particulate matter, most measuring diameters not visible to the naked eye. Gases, droplets, particles and ground-level ozone comprise air pollution, both indoors and outdoors. Particulate matter is a mixture of solid and liquid particles suspended in the air, and may contain both inorganic and organic materials such as dust, pollen, metals and chemicals.

Indoor pollution can come from many sources, from furniture and carpets to dry-cleaned clothing and cleaning products. With 1 in 4 deaths linked to air pollution, it’s important to take steps to help clean up your air, such as using an air purification system in your home, vacuuming with a HEPA filter, switching to non-toxic cleaning products, making sure that your house has good ventilation and proper drainage at its foundation to protect from molds, and by using pollution-busting houseplants to protect against both air pollution and electromagnetic radiation.
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