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One In Six Young People Eat Fast Food Twice A Day

A new food survey of young people found that 1 in 6 eat fast food twice a day, according to The information was part of BBC’s Good Food Nation Survey in the U.K., but it’s just as relevant in the U.S., where it’s no secret that fast-food fare is the order of the day.

From desserts to cheap burgers to soda, fast food is a recipe for obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Many people eat this way not just for convenience, but because it’s perceived as being “cheaper.” But in reality, the cost to your health and ultimately your pocketbook far outweighs the savings you get by stopping at a drive-through restaurant.

And while you may not think so at first, it really is possible to eat healthy for the same cost, or less, than that burger you’re tempted to get. I'm often surprised at the prices people are willing to pay for what is basically junk food filled with sugar and processed carbohydrates, when a healthy alternative is available and affordable. For example, berries, raw nuts, and fresh vegetables all pack a punch when it comes to being good for you, and they are just as filling, or more so, as French fries.

The good news is that with a little food knowledge, you can SAVE money by shopping wisely and choosing to cook and prepare fresh, organic foods at home, and by packing your lunches for when you’re on the go.
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