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Sex Is a Workout and Other Weight Loss Myths

With the estimated annual U.S. health care costs related to obesity at over $210 billion, CNN Health has offered up a list of weight loss myths that might prevent people from reaching their weight loss goals. Among them is the idea is that one sex session burns as many calories as walking a mile.

The other myths aren’t quite so titillating, but they are myths nonetheless. Some that I’ve highlighted in the past include the idea that strength training will bulk you up, that eating fat will make you fat, that all calories are equal and that diet soda will help you lose weight.

The diet soda myth is especially harmful, as many studies are now showing that this is one of the Top 10 most destructive nutrition lies ever told. As far back as 2005, data gathered from a 25-year-long study showed that drinking diet soft drinks increased the likelihood of serious weight gain much more so than regular soda. I’m not endorsing a switch to sugary soda, but the truth is artificial sweeteners increase your craving for sweets and undermine your weight control efforts.

Another huge diet myth is the idea that eating fats make you fat, when just the opposite is true if you eat the right KIND of fats, such as that from olives and olive oil, coconut oils, real butter, grass-fed meats, organic-pastured eggs, and avocadoes, just to name a few. And stay away from trans fats and vegetable oils.
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