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Why Liquid Sugar Is the Worst

Research shows that of all the sugars you may consume, liquid sugar — like that found in high-sugar beverages like sodas — may be more harmful than getting it from solid food, Authority Nutrition reports.

Not surprising is that fruit juice, even without added sugar, is on the list of liquid sugars that can potentially harm you. One problem is that liquid sugar not only isn’t filling, but doesn’t affect your brain the same way solid foods do. Unfortunately, the food industry has been hiding the real science about sugar for decades.

In fact, the Sugar Association secretly funded a white paper that claimed sugar was not only safe and healthy, but important. Not only did they fund it, but they made it appear to be an independent study, and continued to manipulate nutritional science for decades before they were found out.

If you’re looking for a sweet snack or drink, healthy alternatives exist, for example, replacing refined sugar with pureed fruits such as bananas or berries, and baking with vegetables such as beets. Beets add sweetness, nutrition and flavor to baked goods, especially those containing chocolate. A bonus: Beets have been shown to lower blood pressure, support detoxification and fight cancer.

And, good news for chocolate lovers: Chocolate can be a health food! The key is that your chocolate should be low in sugar and as close to its raw state as possible. This means high quality (ideally raw) organic, 70 percent dark chocolate with minimal processing and adulteration.
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