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Football Tailgate Fare Draws Boos From Health Experts

When it comes to healthy choices for your tailgating party, the American Heart Association (AHA) is hoping you will look beyond the standard fare of fried foods, salty snacks and unlimited amounts of alcohol or soda, Newsmax Health reports.

It’s a given whether you’re partying or not, alcohol in moderation is the way to go. But in the heat of the game, how many really stop to count their beverages, be it alcohol or soda? And, how many ponder over whether that snack you just grabbed is the healthiest choice? The best thing to do, then, is plan ahead so the menu has healthier choices.

Everybody loves to grill, so try using your beer as a marinade, which can help reduce harmful carcinogenic chemicals and heterocyclic amines that are formed during grilling. (Of course opt for grass-fed meats.)

Also, pack your picnic basket with foods that taste better than junk foods, for example, fresh organic vegetables like broccoli and carrots, along with nuts and fresh fruits such as berries. Popcorn is also good, as long as it’s “from scratch,” preferably popped in coconut oil and seasoned with Himalayan salt or a variety of spices.

If you want great-tasting dips, try making your own salsas or avocado dips. From the drink standpoint, nothing is better than water. You can spruce it up in a fusion glass with fresh fruits, or make a tea ahead of time. And always avoid soda, diet or regular.
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