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New Device Detects Bacteria And Tests For Antibiotic Resistance

The danger posed by antibiotic resistant bacteria has reached a crisis point. Industrial agriculture is largely responsible for this scourge, but it is spread primarily at health care settings. University of Alberta researchers have invented a device that makes it easier to identify the most dangerous of these bacteria, according to

As I’ve reported previously, researchers find it difficult to identify which antibiotic to use to treat resistant bacterial infections. The difficulty stems from the reality that bacteria behave quite differently in the human body than they do in lab settings. This device could be an important breakthrough if it actually lives up to its promise.

Unfortunately, all too often the failed allopathic (traditional) approach to medicine treats the symptoms while the underlying cause remains unaddressed. And while I agree that more effectively identifying and treating antibiotic resistant bacteria is of paramount importance, curbing the spread of MRSA is the only long-term solution. We absolutely must end the rampant overuse of antibiotics and industrial agriculture is the most egregious offender.

The threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria may manifest itself at hospitals but its origins are in our food supply. The widespread adoption of sustainable farming methods would address the primary source of MRSA and other deadly infections. A number of non-drug alternatives that can be used in place of antibiotics are available if you just look for them. For example, Manuka honey has strong studies showing it to be effective in infection prevention.
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