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Science Says Working Out With a Friend Is the Best Way to Exercise

A new study from the University of Aberdeen (U.K.) shows that having an exercise buddy may be just the thing for keeping your workout program going strong. The buddy system works positively by helping you increase the amount of exercise you do, especially if your buddy offers emotional support along with their physical presence.

A workout routine doesn’t have to be a lonely event, so if you feel you need a little boost, I think it’s a great idea to buddy-up, or to join a gym where they offer group training or exercise routines. I also believe this is a great idea for children who, in this day and age, are in danger of becoming obese even before they reach their teen years.

Like adults, children today spend many hours just sitting, and as I’ve reported before, excessive sitting can literally kill you. From organ damage to increasing your risk for cancer, sitting is something you just want to avoid.

A good way to get up and start moving with a buddy — and even your own children — is to begin a high-intensity interval training program (HIIT). Besides being something you can do with friends, HIIT can significantly reduce the amount of exercise you need to do, cutting your hour-long workouts down to 15 minutes once a week or less. It also helps improve insulin sensitivity, normalize cholesterol, reverse bone mineral loss and improve C-reactive protein levels (markers for inflammation). So, grab that buddy, and get moving! It will be fun!
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