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A Popular New Treatment for an Old Case of Lice

A resurgence in head lice cases, immunity to chemical treatments and — yes — selfies have caused a boon to Florida lice-combing businesses that tediously comb out lice from infected person’s heads, The Inquirer reports.

While the idea of making a business of combing out lice from children’s heads (it’s usually children who are most affected) is intriguing, what’s disturbing is that one reason the resurgence has occurred is because head lice — which are spread by direct contact with an infected person’s hair — have mutated to the point that they’re immune to even the harshest chemicals.

Head lice is, unfortunately, quite common, affecting 6 million to 12 million U.S. kids every year. The good news is you don’t need poisonous (and dangerous) chemicals to get rid of head lice, and unless you particularly want to seek out and utilize a lice combing business, you can get rid of them yourself, at home, with natural remedies. For example, coconut oil appears to be a useful lice treatment option, as it’s been found to lead to 80 percent mortality in head lice after four hours, after which you can use an extra-fine-toothed lice comb to manually remove lice and eggs.

Another lice treatment to try includes using diatomaceous earth on your child’s hair, or washing it with tea tree oil, a highly effective ointment which has been used for centuries as an insect and fungal treatment, as well as an antibacterial. Anise and ylang ylang oils have also been shown to work against insects including lice.
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