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Risk of Heart Attack Tripled by Exercising While Angry, Study Finds

A new study shows that engaging in vigorous exercise while you’re angry has such a connection between your mind and body that you actually can triple your risk of a heart attack, according to The Guardian. The study, recently published in the journal Circulation, concluded that persons who are extremely upset should be careful not to go beyond their normal exercise routine while in that state of mind.

It’s true: stress CAN mess with your workouts, even though sometimes the reason we’re working out is BECAUSE we’re stressed. And, as the latest study showed, mental and physical stress and fatigue are closely connected. Anger aside, the fact is stress impairs working memory, sabotages your concentration and impairs motor-muscle coordination.

Not surprisingly, it also can kill your motivation to exercise, as well as contribute to chronic inflammation and immune system problems. Because stress relief really is THAT important to your overall health, it’s important to know that, along with exercise (moderate if you’re angry!) other stress-busters can include simply taking a walk outside and spending time in nature, learning to breathe mindfully in a way that can modify and accelerate your body's inherent self-regulating physiological and bioenergetic mechanisms, and trying to maintain a positive attitude, even in the midst of stress.

Eating right and participating in hobbies and other activities that reduce stress for you can also help. Taking a break for just 10 minutes to sit quietly, shut out the chaos and meditate can also decrease feelings of stress and anxiety.
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