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DEA Drops Ban on Herbal Supplement Kratom

Examples of federal agencies voluntarily reducing their regulatory powers are few and far between. This has been especially true in the field of natural and herbal remedies. Therefore, it was a surprising turn of events when the inexorable march of bureaucratic meddling ground to a halt and the DEA dropped their temporary ban on kratom.

Scientific American reported on the major public health show down that lead to this victory for advocates of health liberty. Kratom is viewed by some as a viable alternative painkiller as well as a treatment for opioid addiction. The need for a new approach is obvious as the allopathic medical establishment fuels the opioid addiction scourge with their over reliance on highly addictive controlled substances such as OxyContin.

Kratom is not without drawbacks. It is also addictive and does not treat the underlying causes of either pain or addiction. There are a number of safe and effective treatments that can provide pain relief without the hazards posed by more aggressive interventions. Osteoarthritis sufferers can reduce pain and improve mobility with curcumin. Cayenne pepper, ginger and astaxanthin are also outstanding natural remedies.

Diet and exercise are the best preventative medicines. The obesity epidemic is responsible for driving millions into the clutches of the allopathic medical industry. I recommend consuming only whole and unadulterated foods. This may seem inconvenient to those pressed for time but the health benefits are immense. The convenience and price of processed food is entirely illusory. You can either pay the farmer now or pay the doctor later.
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