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Pill Helps Gluten Intolerance Sufferers

Gluten free diets are growing in popularity although the number of Americans diagnosed with celiac has not increased in 8 years. Those who suffer this condition may be happy to learn that abstinence may no longer be the only option. SBS reports that Australian scientists have created a pill to treat gluten intolerance. It is derived from papaya and will be sold under the name GluteGuard.

The wheat grown today bears scant semblance to the wheat our ancestors cultivated. The rapidly changing nutritional profile of this staple crop explains why gluten intolerance has increased four-fold since the 1950s. Intensive breeding and hybridization has massively elevated the proportion of gluten in flour. Previous generations simply did not consume the vast amounts of gluten found in highly processed grains.

Most people could benefit from reducing their grain consumption. A gluten free diet is an excellent way to slash carb consumption. Wheat is not the only culprit. All grains will spike your insulin levels and can contribute to leptin resistance. The failings of the highly processed modern diet have resulted in an epidemic of obesity and disease.

A gluten free diet should not be viewed as a miracle panacea. The market is saturated with highly processed and gluten free junk foods. Another danger is glyphosate contaminated wheat. For optimal health you should consume only whole and unadulterated natural foods. This was the diet of our ancestors and we would be wise to follow their lead.
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