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Fussy-Eating Toddlers 'Not the Fault of Parents'

While toddlers’ fussy food preferences are largely due to genes and who they are as individuals, rather than the “fault” of the parents, researchers in the U.K. say that it is possible for parents to reprogram their children’s eating behaviors, reports.

The researchers concluded that parents “need to work with their children to try new foods,” and I agree. But I also suggest going one step further by making sure the new foods your baby tries are fresh and healthy, and do not include fast foods or processed foods in any shape or form.

Additionally, teaching your child early in life about avoiding sugar-sweetened foods and drinks, including sodas, will help them avoid becoming obese before they enter high school. That includes avoiding diet sodas, which are actually worse for your health than regular soda, due to the artificial sweeteners they contain, and have been linked to weight gain, obesity, cancer, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke, addiction and other health issues.

If your child is already a diet soda (or regular soda) and fast-food junkie, my nutrition plan offers a step-by-step guide to feed your family right, and I encourage you to read through it now to learn how to make healthy eating decisions for you and your children. Each stage (beginner, intermediate and advanced) offers a separate section on beverages as well, which I suggest you share with your children to help them learn how to make healthier drink choices.
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