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Ketogenic Diet Makes Migraines Disappear

A ketogenic diet can effectively treat migraine headaches. This should be welcome news to the millions of migraine sufferers who rely on medications to reduce the frequency and alleviate the symptoms of this debilitating condition. Research Gate reported that patients who followed a strict ketogenic diet for one month suffered far fewer migraines. Furthermore, their migraine headaches returned when the ketogenic diet was abandoned at the end of the month.

The salient issue is whether it was the replacement of carbs with healthy fats or the removal of highly processed junk food that was responsible for this improvement. The ketogenic diet offers tremendous health benefits but artificial preservatives have been consistently tied to episodic migraines. Many people also experience migraines after consuming common foods such as dairy, wheat and sugar.

Adopting a ketogenic diet can be the first step toward achieving optimal health. Nutritional ketosis, which involves eating a diet consisting of healthy fats that is low in net carbs, can combat many chronic diseases, including obesity and type 2 diabetes. The first step is to eliminate all processed foods from your diet. This unhealthy fare should be replaced with whole foods, healthy fats such as olives and olive oil, coconut oils, avocados, animal-based omega-3 fats and only minimal grains.

A healthy diet is crucial but there are other migraine treatment options. Studies suggest that migraine sufferers are more likely to be deficient in crucial vitamins such as riboflavin, CoQ10 and vitamin D. Blue light from digital sources can also trigger and increase the pain of migraine headaches. Optimizing your diet and avoiding LED light sources can reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headaches.
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