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More Babies Face Health Risks Due to Obese Parents, Experts Warn

A growing number of babies worldwide are at risk of brain damage or having a stroke, heart attack or asthma in adulthood because their mother was obese, The Guardian reports. The information comes from four studies published in the journal Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, and it’s so disturbing that researchers say urgent action is needed to ensure women are a normal weight before they conceive.

This shocking news reiterates some things I’ve talked about in the past: that obesity not only is a public health epidemic everywhere in the developed world, but in pregnant moms it’s something that can also increase their babies’ risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and asthma. Research has already shown that gaining excessive weight during pregnancy can affect the future weight of your children, even in normal-weight newborns — especially if you try to contain your weight gain by drinking diet sodas.

Statistics show that 67 percent of American women are either overweight or obese, and 17 percent of American children between the ages of 2 and 19 are obese. And while these numbers are both complicated and devastating, there are things you can do now to help yourself and your children, beginning with eliminating sugars, sodas and processed foods from your diet.

Processed foods are filled with added sugars, starches and fillers that do nothing for your health, but everything to increase your weight. So ditch them. Then, stand up and start moving. Short bursts of activity with periods of rest in between will get you on your way to a more healthful weight.
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