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The Devil's Milk May Save Millions of Lives

Will the milk of the devil end a scourge that may kill 300 million people by mid-century? The BBC reports that Sydney University in Australia has successfully killed MRSA infections with Tasmanian devil milk. They are currently working to isolate the bacteria fighting components that allow this marsupial to thrive in filthy environments.

MRSA and other antibiotic resistant superbugs pose a dire threat to humanity. In the U.S. alone, they infect millions and kill tens of thousands annually. Many of the top minds in the medical industry seem blinkered to solutions and focus almost entirely on new and even more expensive antibiotics.

The allopathic medical model focuses on treating symptoms without addressing the underlying cause. This approach has brought us to a historical tipping point. The superbug catastrophe has its origins in failed agricultural practices. The routine use of antibiotics in livestock is a major driver of drug-resistance. The overuse of antibiotics in hospitals also plays a role and this myopic treatment approach overlooks the many natural treatments available. This crisis will not be averted unless factory farming is replaced with sustainable practices.

Manuka honey can effectively eradicate MRSA and more than 250 other strains of bacteria. Common sense precautions greatly reduce your risk of getting infected in the first place. Coconut oil deserves a prominent role in your diet, and this versatile superfood can also be used as a disinfecting agent. Plain soap is perfectly adequate for hand washing. The FDA recently banned the use of the toxic antibacterial agent triclosan in hand soaps, a position I have advocated for years.
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