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Soylent Is the Future of Food, If the Future of Food Means Explosive Diarrhea

The convenience and price of processed food is entirely illusory. You can either pay the farmer now or pay the doctor later. As the U.S. population ages and grows sicker and more obese, there has been a movement toward whole and unadulterated foods. This is a natural reaction to the pernicious influence that the modern diet and CAFO industrial agricultural practices have had on our collective health.

One Silicon Valley company, Soylent, is attempting to buck this positive trend and hopes to replace prepared foods with a single convenient bar. One would hope that this radically reductionist approach to diet would collapse under the weight of its own absurdity. Instead they have been sabotaged by the most prosaic enemy of mass produced food. As reported by Mother Jones, the primary problem with their product is it makes people violently ill.

Relying on whole and unadulterated foods is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Processed foods are laden with sugar, artificial ingredients and grains. A massive amount of recent research has shown that these items undermine your health and are in fact addictive. The damage caused by this modern diet is evident in skyrocketing obesity rates and decreases in life expectancy.

People have thrived on vegetables, meats, eggs, fruits and other whole foods for centuries, while processed foods were only recently invented. Ditching processed foods requires that you plan your meals in advance, but if you take it step-by-step as described in my nutrition plan, it is possible to remove processed foods from your diet.
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