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What Do Tweets Say About Our Health?

Social media and modern smart devices are both a necessity and an entertainment platform for millions. They also generate unprecedented quantities of information and have given birth to the era of “big data.” Now this data is being mined for clues on how to influence and improve public health. Researchers are using geotagged tweets to map the activity and dietary habits of the U.S. by neighborhood according to Fox News.

Smart phones have tremendous potential but there are several important caveats. The World Health Organization (WHO) classified cell phones as a Class B Carcinogen. This means they are a “possible cancer-causing agent.”

Social media and smart devices will continue to grow in number and sophistication. Harnessing these technologies as a force for good is imperative. Mobile platforms enhance connectivity and allow for the easy dissemination of information. This will play an increasingly important role in an era when the mainstream media pursues a policy of obscurantism and misinformation on a wide range of natural health issues. Facebook and Twitter are important channels that allow us to provide empowering health information and help us to draw attention to dangerous practices, conflicts of interest and ill-conceived policies that impact all of us.

There are common sense precautions that reduce the risk posed by cellphones. You should keep your cell phone use to a minimum, limit phone use to areas with excellent reception and use a shielded headset. Also, avoid carrying your cell phone on your body, and do not sleep with it below your pillow. Perhaps most importantly, respect others. Many people are sensitive to EMF radiations.
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