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Work Connections Lead to Good Health

A meta-analysis in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Review shows that people who feel more camaraderie with their colleagues, and more connection to the company itself, have better health and happiness and are less likely to burn out, reports. The analysis was extensive, looking at 58 studies that included 19,000 people in 15 countries.

The magnitude of this analysis shows just how important both mental and physical wellness in the workplace is. That’s why so many companies, including my own, offer wellness programs right in the office. From exercise programs to incentives for losing weight and gaining strength, implementing a comprehensive company wellness programs is a win-win for both the employers and employees.

Clearly, employee attendance and productivity, and employee health are closely connected. Healthier employees lead to better attendance and increased productivity, lower company healthcare costs, and ultimately a healthier bottom-line. For example, exercising at work not only helps employees feel good, but saves money in healthcare in the long run.

Treadmill desks and stand-up workstations also are a boost, giving employees a chance to stay active during their workdays. In fact, standing desks are a health perk that I offer my own employees. This is because even if you exercise on a regular basis, research demonstrates that it’s not enough to counteract the effects of sitting all day.

The take-home message is to get up and get moving as much as possible. So by all means, use a standing workstation if you can, and then combine it with a pedometer and aim to take about 10,000 steps a day.
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