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Vaccination Opt-Outs Have Declined in Many US States

Media scaremongering and intrusive mandatory vaccination laws in California have increased the rate of vaccination in the U.S. A concerted attack on the right of informed consent by legislative fiat and a flood of misinformation on a high-profile measles outbreak at Disneyland has slashed the number of vaccine exemptions in many states.

A recent MD Magazine editorial showcased exactly how pleased the allopathic medical profession is pleased with this turn of events. Rather than focusing on questions of health liberty and corporate interests, they convert the lives and choices of millions into issue of herd immunity. Any mention of the dangers of vaccination and the right to refuse risky medical procedures is glaringly absent.

The road to medical tyranny is paved with misinformation. Media fomented hysteria over a minor measles scare at Disneyland set off a disastrous chain reaction with far reaching consequences. It is directly responsible California passing draconian mandatory vaccination laws. More importantly, it has created a false narrative that the pharmaceutical companies are exploiting for financial gain. A great deal of work needs to be done in order to roll back the damage. The California mandatory vaccination law, SB 277, was a hammer blow to health liberty and the principle of informed consent.

Fortunately, the battle is not over. It is still possible to roll back the gains of a profit driven allopathic medical industry. NVIC is at the sharp end of the spear in this battle. They fight tirelessly to defend your rights and counter the insidious and ubiquitous flood of pro-vaccine propaganda.
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