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Novel Ways to Burn Calories Include Cold Exposure and Blood Donation

A list of unusual ways to burn calories and increase metabolism includes some things you probably wouldn’t think of, such as fidgeting more or donating blood, according to Authority Nutrition. Blood donation temporarily burns 650 calories, while fidgeting works best for people with the highest body weights. Drinking cold water or simply exposing yourself to cold temperatures may also be a temporary measure to burn calories.

While counting calories is an almost worthless way to lose weight, there are ways to maximize calorie-burning through a simple daily routine of healthy eating and movement that includes standing. It only makes sense that standing and moving will ultimately burn more calories. The question is, how much movement do you need?

Studies have shown that walking burns three times more calories than sitting or standing, so a good walk — aim for 7,000 to 10,000 steps a day — is definitely part of the equation. In comparison, while standing burns only a few extra calories, it does trigger a number of beneficial molecular cascades that ultimately will burn calories.

For example, within 90 seconds of standing up, the muscular and cellular systems that process blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol — which are mediated by insulin — are activated. All of these molecular effects are triggered by carrying your own bodyweight.

Your diet also figures in to this: by eating REAL, whole, organic foods, and eating high-quality fat sources like avocados, butter, coconut oil, macadamia and pecans, you can get a jump-start on cutting foods that contribute to bad calorie intake.
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