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Genetically Engineered Mosquito Army Released in Zika Fight

The BBC reports that the release of millions more genetically modified mosquitos is imminent. How did we reach the point where a decision fraught with peril and ethical dilemmas can be made with such alacrity and nonchalance?

Bill Gates might be the world’s most destructive do-gooder. The Gates Foundation is directly responsible for releasing of swarms of genetically engineered mosquitos under the auspices of fighting tropical diseases such as dengue and Zika.

Inaccurate news coverage is largely responsible for the ill-informed Zika hysteria. This is hardly the first time they have overreacted or declared disease clusters to be a pandemic. Another factor is the media’s instinctive embrace of scientism. This unwavering support of technology has made the rapid spread of genetic engineering possible. Their fawning coverage needs to be offset with a more pragmatic perspective.

How can you effectively respond to friends and family who have fallen for the myths about GMO safety and efficacy? It can be an uphill struggle when esteemed activists such as Bill Gates and the FDA lend an air of authority to their arguments. This appeal to authority is a powerful logical fallacy that can be effectively countered with GMO safety facts.

Genetic modification is an imprecise process that disrupts the genome of the plant. By so doing, unintended and unexpected effects, such as toxicity, can arise. Side effects are not tracked effectively since GMOs have not been labeled. Eating sustainable or organic produce is the best way to avoid GMO ingredients. A diet free of processed foods and genetically modified ingredients can help you optimize your health.