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For Weight Loss, Water Beats Diet Soda

The dangers of diet soda are well documented. Despite the best efforts of the junk beverage giants their sales continue to plummet. The New York Times reported more bad news for manufacturers of these toxic drinks. Researchers have determined, yet again, that diet soda is not effective for weight loss.

It should come as no surprise to readers that this most recent research again confirmed that diet soda promotes weight gain rather than prevents it. Coke alone has spent millions trying to prop up sales and protect the image of their dangerous products. Their efforts to deceive the public have mostly failed and 63% of American’s actively avoid drinking soda.

Diet soda may have fewer calories than its sugary siblings but it is full of synthetic ingredients. Of particular concern are the artificial sweeteners. Aspartame is easily the most controversial and dangerous food additive widely used today. It is an excitotoxin that has been tied to dozens of adverse effects.

There is no reason to ever drink soda pop or eat processed food. This may seem to be a daunting challenge but my nutrition plan is designed to ease this transition. Consuming whole and unadulterated foods is an excellent first step towards optimal health.

The best replacement for a sweetened beverage is energized water. It can recharge your mitochondria and deep springs are one excellent source. You can also promote structured water through vortexing or cooling it to 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Reverting tap water back into a vitality boosting element can provide enormous health benefits.
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