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Walking and Its Health Benefits

Walking 30 minutes a day will help you decrease the chances of cardiovascular diseases, reduce body weight, fight osteoporosis and even keep type 2 diabetes at bay, according to Techno Junction, which has come up with a good list of things to remember while on your walk, such as choosing a good pair of shoes and making the walk interesting.

The benefits of walking are undeniable, and there are a number of ways that you can design a walking plan to make this casual exercise fun and interesting. For example, water-walking can be every bit as intense as exercising on land, and studies show it offers equivalent benefits.

Exercising in water builds cardiovascular stamina, strength and flexibility, and helps burn body fat. It also increases circulation, and can help you rehabilitate healing muscles and joints. Research shows that people who water exercise can burn as much body fat and build as much muscle as those who engage in land-based exercise programs.

Other benefits include increased flexibility, less wear and tear on your body and built-in resistance training — which is especially helpful if you have mobility issues or inflammatory problems such as arthritis. If you decide to work out in water, keep in mind that land-based exercise is still important to get weight-bearing benefits (the kind that will help strengthen your bones and prevent bone loss and osteoporosis).

While studies show that setting aside as little as 20 to 25 minutes a day for a walk could add up to seven years to your lifespan, I don’t view it as a form of exercise per se. Rather, it’s an essential movement we all require, a “superfood” of sorts that is absolutely essential to life.
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