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Should the Food Industry Sneak Vegetables Into Food?

Childhood obesity is a problem confronting most of the developed world. There have been dozens of solutions put forward. One obvious starting point is to teach children proper eating habits and educate them about nutrition at the earliest possible age. The New York Times reported on this subject in a piece on the food industry.

Food giants are banking on their ability to hide healthier ingredients in processed foods in order to bolster sales to health conscious parents. At first glance, hiding healthier ingredients in processed foods would seem to be a clever solution. There is a reason why persuading children to eat their vegetables has been the bane of parents and a societal archetype for generations.

The solution to an obesity epidemic caused in large part by processed food is not found by engineering a more “wholesome” version. Instead, the false constructs of “convenience” and “cost” must be debunked. To further the illusion that a healthy meal can be unwrapped, purchased on a value menu, baked in a plastic tub and microwaved in minutes is extremely detrimental to the long term health of our youth. The message that you can either pay the farmer now or pay the doctor later cannot be overemphasized.

The rotten dietary edifice that has been created and subsidized by big food manufacturers needs to be swept away. My beginner nutrition plan nutrition plan is an excellent starting point. The classic food pyramid is an obsolete wonder. It was sculpted by special interest groups and gilded with a thin veneer of bunk science. A healthy diet is almost the exact inverse of the original USDA recommendations.
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