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Vitamin A Rice Is Now A Reality

Proponents of genetically modified foods have been espousing the virtues of their lab engineered super crops for years. The spread of Frankenfood has been fed by hyperbolic claims concocted by scientists and parroted by their media lapdogs.

Of all the genetically engineered crops, Golden Rice has been the most revered golden calf. It supposedly possesses great curative properties that will save hundreds of thousands of lives annually, but its development has suffered repeated setbacks. The Daily Star writes that the wait is almost over and this foul synthesis of genetic material will soon be unleashed on the world.

Golden Rice, genetically engineered to produce beta-carotene, has been billed as a panacea for vitamin A deficiency in Third World countries. Vitamin A deficiency is a major problem in areas where diets are based primarily on rice. Inadequate dietary beta-carotene increases your risk of infection, blindness and other health problems.

Proponents of genetic engineering claim it is the most effective way to feed the world, by producing plants unnaturally equipped with internally produced insecticides, or with genes making them resistant to chemical herbicides or, in the case of Golden Rice, containing enhanced nutrition. Some are advertised as drought resistant and/or higher yield producing, but the truth turns out to be quite different.

Will you financially support an unsustainable food system or a healthy, regenerative one? There are many options available besides big-brand processed foods and the poisoned fruits of industrial agriculture. Eating healthy, organic and locally grown produce is the best way to support sustainable agriculture and take control of your health.
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