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Opioid Epidemic: Ex-DEA Official Says Congress Is Protecting Drug Makers

In the latest news on the opioid epidemic that is crippling and killing people desperate to relieve their pain, a former top Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) official has accused the U.S. government of feeding the frenzy by protecting drug makers’ profits instead of patients hooked on the drug, The Guardian reports. Government policies encourage over-dispensing of the drugs with legislation actually written by the drug companies, the official said.

It’s no secret that Big Pharma runs the show in Washington, and that drug companies pull the strings on anything that would endanger their bottom lines, even at the risk of endangering patients. Prescriptions for opioid painkillers have risen by 300 percent over the past 10 years, and Americans use 80 percent of the world's opioids. Statistics also show that because of rising prices for these deadly drugs, people in pain are turning to something cheaper and deadlier — heroin.

But deaths and addiction don’t faze Pharma a bit: Despite research that confirms the addiction potential of opioids and their gateway to heroin use and addiction, opioid salesmen continue to hide the risks, according to lawsuits that have been filed on this.

If you suffer with any kind of pain, I urge you to try other alternatives first, or if you do need them, take them for the shortest time possible while you explore other methods of pain relief to avoid the dangers of opioids. You need a knowledgeable practitioner who can help you attack the pain from multiple angles, giving you both relief and healing. One option that is receiving increasing attention in the U.S. is cannabis. It’s the cannabidiol in cannabis that has medicinal properties.
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