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Marijuana Wins Big on Election Night

Voters in several states passed marijuana initiatives in various forms on election night, posting a big win for weed, for both medical and recreational use, The Washington Post reports. Probably the best thing about this news is that, finally, the voices of those who have pleaded for years for medical relief for pain, seizures and even cancer through cannabis are being heard.

Estimates are that between 85 and 95 percent of Americans are in favor of medical cannabis, and nearly 60 percent support complete legalization of marijuana. And doctors agree. In 2014, a survey found that the majority of physicians — 56 percent — favor nationwide legalization of medical cannabis, with support being highest among oncologists and hematologists.

One reason doctors like myself are behind medical marijuana is because we know that your body has its own endocannabinoid system, with endogenous chemical messengers very similar to those in marijuana acting on matching receptors located on cells throughout your body. In other words, our bodies are wired to process and be receptive to the healing powers of cannabis.

What’s even more important is that this natural, organic product is a positive alternative to a wide variety of synthetic drugs currently pushed on you by Big Pharma, especially for pain, mood and anxiety disorders, seizures and cancer. Medical cannabis is competition to the pharmaceutical industry, and they don’t like it. But the bottom line is cannabis is potent medicine full of high amounts of cannabidiol (CBD), medicinal terpenes and flavonoids, and now more people than ever will have a chance to find that out.