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Human Testing Begins On Zika Virus Vaccine Developed by the Army

The U.S. Army is in the news on Veterans Day. The issue at hand in this case is not PTSD or VA Hospitals but health freedom. As reported by the Army Times, a first phase Zika virus vaccine trial is being conducted on 75 Army personnel.

This vaccine contains foreign DNA that is designed to elicit a strong immune response in healthy adults. This is a troubling turn of events because dogmatic vaccine orthodoxy currently dominates the medical establishment. Knowledge is the only antidote and informed consent is a right worth fighting for.

The VA has been buffeted by controversy due to its inability to meet the needs of service men and women. All too often veterans are bearing the brunt of the failed allopathic mental health model. Military personnel are a microcosm of society and they are impacted by the same serious health issues that confront the society as a whole.

There are ways to give back to those who have served our country. For example, a number of programs are available to connect foster homes with military pets. Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet not only offers foster programs for active military members, but provides pet assistance to wounded soldiers, veterans, homeless veterans, fallen soldiers and cases where military service members are reassigned out of the country and cannot take their pets with them.

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