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You Can Really Change Your Brain

The plasticity of the brain is a marvel that remains poorly understood. This is not due to a lack of effort on the part of scientists. The Kavli Prize in neuroscience was recently rewarded to a group of researchers who focused on the brain’s ability to change dramatically despite its ostensibly static structure.

The human being is the only animal that has a reflective brain, yet most of us sabotage it every day, and in doing so, we limit our productivity and well-being. The reflective brain allows you to think abstractly. It's what you use when you think back to the past, or imagine the future. It can only think about one thing at a time, and therefore cannot multitask.

So how can we more effectively maximize our productivity and intellectual potential? Ironically, one step is to avoid the deluge of information that assails us from every direction. This means unplugging from electronic media and setting aside time for quiet reflection. Allowing your brain to recuperate from constant bombardment of emails can also make you more efficient.

There are also dietary changes that can help boost your brain health. Giving your brain the fuel it needs to function optimally may also improve your current cognitive function and creativity, making you more productive at work and at home. There is evidence to suggest that the metabolic product of fats, or ketones, will help restore and renew neurons, even after brain degeneration has started. A nourishing diet of whole foods is the cornerstone of mental health, and my nutrition plan is full of brain boosting diet tips.
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