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Judge Orders Bottled Water Delivered In Flint

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, may have been pushed from the headlines, but it is far from being resolved. As reported by Reuters, there is now a court order in place to provide bottled water to eligible residents of the beleaguered community.

The Flint crisis unmasked an unpleasant truth. The “potable” water provided by many municipalities is something you should never drink. The scandal also revealed contaminated drinking water to be a nationwide and systemic problem.

The failure by Flint and other municipalities to fulfill the seemingly requisite duty of providing clean water has led to a health catastrophe. Sugary beverages are in large part responsible for skyrocketing obesity rates and the last thing we need is an incentive to avoid drinking water.

Filtering your household water is no longer optional
. Water pollution is a significant problem. Your drinking water may be contaminated with gender-bending pharmaceutical drugs, agricultural runoff, industrial waste, and heavy metals released by deteriorating infrastructure. There is also the issue of the toxic chemicals used during water treatment.

The obvious solution is to filter all the water that comes into the house, and then filtering it again at the kitchen sink and shower. An even more healthful solution is to consume living water. Energized water can recharge your mitochondria, and deep springs are one excellent source. You can also promote structured water through vortexing or cooling it to 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Reverting tap water back into a vitality boosting element can provide enormous health benefits.
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