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Life-threatening Superbug Spreads Globally In Hospital Patients

Antibiotics are a foundational component of modern medicine. Many current treatment modalities and medical procedures would become impossibly dangerous if antibiotics are rendered ineffective. Unfortunately, they are used with reckless abandon by the livestock industry and the allopathic medical establishment. The result of these practices is the spread of anti-biotic resistant superbugs, MRSA and “simple” infections becoming increasingly lethal.

Fox News reported new and disturbing news in this high stakes battle against infectious bacteria. A particularly virulent superbug is being spread globally among sufferers of cystic fibrosis, with hospitals the most common source of these infections.

Preventable medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. As a general rule, staying out of the hospital is one of your best ways to prevent dying unnecessarily. This is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about sharing preventive health strategies with you. Empowering strategies such as eating right, exercising and reducing stress are crucial to taking control of your health.

For many it is not possible to avoid the hospital entirely. Hospital beds are a particularly virulent disease vector. A recent study demonstrated that your risk of infection can be elevated by simply lying in the same bed as someone who received antibiotics.

If you are at a hospital it is important to protect yourself from disease and contamination. Do not hesitate to remind staff to wash their hands before touching you or any of your medical equipment. This includes night stands, furniture or anything you may come in contact with. Regarding treatment options, seeking a second opinion is also your right. Specialists may possess an entirely separate set of skills to help you address health challenges.
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