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Tobacco Linked to 40 Percent of US Cancers

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control links 40 percent of all cancers diagnosed in the United States to tobacco, with lung cancer being most prevalent, followed by colon and pancreatic cancer, according to GMA News Online.

To top it off, new research also shows that smoking tobacco products damages your DNA so thoroughly that the damage may last 30 years.

It’s encouraging that fewer people than ever are smoking in the U.S., but it’s worrisome that many have stopped “smoking” per se to switch to e-cigarettes, which have been shown to come with their own set of risks, including “popcorn lung” from the flavorings in some of the e-cigs. Additionally, the secondhand smoke from e-cigs could be just as dangerous or more so than it is with regular cigarettes.

Switching to smokeless tobacco isn’t any better, as it kills nearly 250,000 yearly, worldwide, from cancers, as well as heart disease and tooth decay. This number may be underestimated, and researchers believe the true health impacts of smokeless tobacco are even more significant.

I believe the "secret" to quitting smoking is to get healthy first, which will make quitting much easier. Exercising is part and parcel of this plan, as research shows people who engage in regular strength training double their success rate at quitting smoking compared to those who don't exercise. Along with a good nutrition plan, you also need to find a healthy emotional outlet such as meditation, yoga or the Emotional Freedom Techniques that I talk about often.
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